Hobbs Police Looking for "The Grinch"

HOBBS - Hobbs Police say they are looking for a real life grinch. 28-year-old Roque 'The Grinch' Castillo even has "grinch" tattooed on his neck.

Police say he stole the aluminum cans an 11-year-old girl had been collecting for months so she could buy Christmas presents for her family. All together, she had collected nearly 60 pounds worth. They were only worth about $26, but it's still a crime and the cops are looking for Castillo.

To help the little girl make up for her loss, the United Way of Lea County and a local business have teamed up and are taking donations on her behalf.

You can donate by either taking a check or cash to the United Way or you can donate aluminum cans for her at Hobbs Iron and Metal. The last day to donate is Monday afternoon with a deadline of 3:00.