LED Lights Saving Bucks in the Basin

by Nick Lawton
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - The Starbright Village is home to some of biggest spectacles in the Basin.

But after tragedy struck last year when their Christmas tree was cut down by high winds, a new one has taken its place, and it's better than ever. Not just to the eye, but to the city as well.

The brand-new tree is a new feature of this year's Starbright Park, bringing with it not only savings in money, but in energy and a brand-new look to this year's holiday season.

It's laden with new LED lights, bringing a different shine to Starbright.

"The tree itself is made up off 30,000 LED lights. As you'll see, the crispness of the lights is much different than what our incandescent bulbs of the previous tree was," Steve Patton, Odessa's Park Director, said.

When NewsWest 9 traveled to Starbright, Odessans and visitors alike, young and old, were quick to point out how bright and shining it was.

But the tree also comes with a welcome break for Odessa's expenses this year. The money saved on energy costs speaks for itself.

"$372 to operate that tree this entire year, compared to $2,798 that it cost us last year," Patton explained.

Not only that but with less electricity used, it opens the door for the expansion of displays for the already beloved Christmas village.

When the sun goes down and the lights come on, the new tree stands apart from the others.

Both as a shining sign of the season and as a way to keep the cheer without breaking the bank.

This type of lighting isn't only for Odessa, the City of Midland is also using LED lights for their own downtown tree.