Odessa Family Getting Help From Children's Miracle Network

by Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

ODESSA--NewsWest 9 is a proud supporter of CMN.  The money raised, here in the Basin, helps make sure babies of all ages get the urgent care they so desperately need.

One Odessa family is benefiting from those donations, making use of equipment that greatly reduces the risk of brain damage in infants.

"Thank God for that cooling cap and the equipment that he's on, right now.  I'm able to, at least, have that hope that he's going to get better," 21-year-old mother, Yamil Magallanes, said.

After 30 hours of labor, Yamil and her husband Jose, became the proud parents of seven and one half pound Jose Eduardo, on December seventh. But not everything went according to plan. Little Jose, wasn't kicking, screaming, crying or breathing.

"Honestly, I felt like I was the one to blame. I felt horrible. I didn't know what to do. I didn't know what was going to happen to him. I was scared. It's just a mixture of emotions, not to know what's going to happen with my son. It's our first baby," Yamil explained.

Complications, common with larger, full term babies, created stress during birth.

According to Magallanes, "Maybe about an hour before I had him, I was having contractions and he wasn't moving as much. When it came time to push, I guess his head was under pressure for so long, I couldn't feel him move anymore."

A $50,000 piece of equipment, paid for by Children's Miracle Network, is working to reduce the chances little Jose Eduardo will suffer any permanent brain damage.

According to Medical Center Hospital Neonatologist, Dr. Robert Bennett, "It (stress) sets up a problem with the metabolism in the brain, that actually can cause more brain damage. By cooling the head, we can slow down that metabolism and we reduce the potential for brain damage."

The success rate for the most at risk babies isn't great but Dr. Bennett says, they'll take what they can get, "About 1 in 5, which is not very good results, will do better, significantly better. Before we had this, all five of those babies would have been severely damaged. Even though it's not great results, it's better than we had before."

Yamil and Jose have yet to hold their first born in their arms. Thanks to the cooling cap, the chances of that happening soon are very good.

"Oh, it's going to be the best feeling ever. I feel weird not having him with me, right now. But I know it's going to be worth the wait," Yamil said.