New Information In Baby Murder Crime Report

By: Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - It's a heartbreaking story. An infant beaten to death by a family friend. The alleged killer is behind bars, but a few errors in how that case reported is raising eyebrows.

This all happened back in March of 2008. 41-year-old John Dana Bailey is behind bars for brutally murdering 5-week-old Dustyn Wright. But why did it take two years for officials to make that arrest?

Because Wright died from a blunt force trauma to his head there was no weapon involved and all officials had to go on were the medical examiner reports. After several autopsies in El Paso, San Antonio, Tarrant County, and here in the Basin on Wednesday, Odessa Police finally had all they needed to make the arrest.

"It's a unique case in and of itself unlike other murders where you might have a gun or a knife," Lt. Eddie V. Reed, with the Odessa Police, said. "This one was caused physically. And there's no markings or indications as to how it was caused. That's why we need this overwhelming medical evidence to show this."

On Thursday, NewsWest 9 learned there was an error in the way that crime was reported to federal records. Odessa Police told NewsWest 9, the software they use to calculate crime statistics malfunctioned and 5-week-old Dustyn Wright's murder was one of the cases not reported.

This all came to light after an article in the Odessa American came out a few weeks ago pinpointing the error. OPD told NewsWest 9, even though the case wasn't reported properly it was not forgotten and in no way hindered their progress on making an arrest. But the next question is, why didn't anyone know about it?

Odessa Police admit they did not provide that information to the public when they first recognized the mistake, but they say those errors have been corrected and will not impact ongoing investigations. Odessa Police tell NewsWest 9 for the next step in this case they'll meet with the District Attorney and proceed with the prosecution.