Volunteers Help Bring New Pool to Children's Rehab Center

By: Cierra Putman
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - It may almost be winter, but some kids in Midland are finally making a splash.

Just last year, the pool was beyond repair, but thanks to one dedicated supporter and a bunch of generous businesses the center is once again providing aquatic therapy to disabled kids.

Kids like 8-year-old Zanidi Edge who loves pool time.

"I like to be in the water it's like I'm a shark or a whale," Zanidi said.

She has Spina bifida and is paralyzed from the waist down.

Her mother says the aquatic therapy she undergoes at the Midland Children's Rehabilitation Center makes her stronger.

"She started about two years ago doing swim therapy," Misti Bethel, Zanidi's mom, said. "Oh, we've seen lots of changes. She's gotten so strong and she's able to pull herself up in her chair."

Aquatic therapy helps children with autism, Cerebral palsy and other disabilities grow muscle and make developmental strides.

Last year, cracks and a sinking foundation put the sessions on hold.

"I was so upset and Zanidi was in tears because she wouldn't be able to swim anymore," Bethel said. "That's her favorite part of therapy."

Thanks to the help of one volunteer and local business who donated their money and time they were able to demolish the old pool and replace it with a new one that won't leak.

"We knew we'd have a pool some day, but I had no belief it would be in a years time," MCRC Exec. Director, Brooke Mueller, said.

But now Zanidi and her friends are swimming again.

"You have to know you tear up," Muller said after seeing the kids swimming again. "Children that are struggling to walk on land now have freedom to float through the water."

Thanks to their community these kids will experience that freedom for years to come.

The pool has only been open for two weeks and so far the center is providing therapy for about 15 kids. They say once summer comes around, many more children will be splashing about and getting stronger.