Group Protesting for Man Stabbed, Seeking Justice

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - In the early hours of Thanksgiving morning, police say 19-year-old Gabriel Escontrias knocked on a door at the Park Glen apartment complex.

He asked to use a phone, saying he was having car trouble.

Police say when a 29-year-old woman opened the door, Escontrias grabbed her and tried forcing her out of the apartment.

Then they say he attacked the woman, and that's when a male friend, who was also inside the apartment, came to the woman's defense, stabbing Escontrias multiple times in the upper torso.

The woman and Escontrias were transported to Midland Memorial Hospital.

The female was treated and released, but Escontrias died from his injuries.

Now those who knew Gabriel tell NewsWest 9, there's more to the story than police were told, and they say Escontrias and the woman involved had a relationship together.

On Tuesday night, they protested in front of the Midland County Jail.

They say in order to bring Gabriel justice, they plan on protesting anywhere law enforcement is at, even if they had nothing to do with the case.

"It's been hard having to bury him when it isn't necessary," Erica Gonzales said.

Gabriel's friend, Gina Martinez, said Gabriel was a good guy and would do the same, if not more, if something like this happened to someone he knew.

"I know if it was me or anyone else, Gabriel would be out here too," she said.

"We are just going everywhere the law enforcement is at," Mayra Escontrias, Gabriel's older sister, said. "We are not going to stop until we get heard. We know this is not the truth. We know Gabriel is not the person they're saying he is."

The Midland Police Department is standing by their investigation and they're not releasing any more information at this time.

Police did say they are still conducting interviews, and the case will very likely go to a grand jury.

The family is also asking anyone to please come forward to police if they have any information.