Family Of Accused Child Abuser Speaks Out

By Abby Reed
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - NewsWest 9 is learning more about the Odessa man accused of using a dog leash to beat his two very young children. 38-year-old Kenneth Wayne Savell has been charged with injury to a child. Odessa police say he beat his two and four year old sons with a dog leash. Police say the injuries left welts on the children's backs.

Savell was arrested Monday night. Police say they were called out to Room 134 at the Motel One in Odessa. When they got there, Police found the two little boys with injuries on their backs, that were likely, from the whipping. We're told the boys' mother was the one who called Police.

NewsWest 9 visited Savell's home, and spoke with his father, Steve Savell, who says his son would never abuse his children.

"No, he's not that kind of guy, if the kids need an ass whooping, he'll swat them on the butt, but as far as him," Steve Savell said. "No, that's bull crud,"

Police tell NewsWest 9, the children are in the custody of their mother. Meantime, Savell sits in the Ector County Jail on a $50,000 bond.