Rash of Burglaries in Midland Neighborhood Has Police Working Extra

by Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

A rash of car burglaries is keeping police busy in one Midland neighborhood. People who live near Goddard Junior High have been the target of these thieves.  Homeowners say it seems like the crooks are breaking into cars nearly every day and they tell NewsWest 9, they're tired of it and want them stopped.

"They broke into my truck just last (Monday) night," Thomas said.

19-year-old Shawn Thomas was just another victim.  He's been living with his family in the neighborhood near Goddard Junior High for most of his life. They're just one of the many victims of a string of car burglaries that are going on in one Midland neighborhood over the past few weeks. His truck was broken into while it was parked right in front of his home.

"I had nothing visible, they took my CD deck, my CD's and my ring," Thomas said.

But this isn't Shawn and his family's first dance with a burglary.

"My truck got broken into, people are just vandalizing everything in this neighborhood," Thomas said.

Police say that thieves are targeting all kinds of cars especially those who leave anything interesting for the crooks to get their hands on.

"We do see a rise in burglary vehicles because people leave their stuff in plain sight and the burglars just break in through the window. They open the door cause they don't lock their car and they take their stuff from them," Sergeant Jim Crouse, with the Midland Police Investigative Services Bureau, said.  

Police say that 5-10 car burglaries a week take place just in this neighborhood alone and for Shawn and his family, it's enough for them to do something about it.

"We have installed an alarm system and cameras all around the house," Thomas said.

And to help, police have increased the street patrols in the area in an effort to catch young thieves in the act.

"We have made several arrests in the past two weeks, 16-20 year olds are mostly the thieves," Crouse said.

Officials are advising all residents to take the necessary precautions and be extra careful so that they too don't become victims.

In the meantime, Shawn and his family will be waiting, hoping police will catch these thieves.

"Waiting to find out who did it so I can file charges and that's the best that I can do now," Thomas said.

Just like this family, most of the residents in this neighborhood are taking extra measures and being cautious with their belongings. Some of the neighbors might even start a Neighborhood Watch in hope that this will bring down the burglaries.