Families Connected by Tragedy Hold Candlelight Vigil in Odessa

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Several families' lives were changed forever and on Saturday night many of those families came together for the first time to remember their loved ones.

In the short span of just a month a half, eight young men passed away, and all with one thing in common, a car accident.

One Odessa teenager wanted to somehow help out in the midst of all these tragedies.

"I organized this because so many kids are dying, teenagers, so I thought the community should get together," Event Organizer, Kymberlea Gary, said.

Gary knew three of the boys who were her friends and classmates at Permian High School.

She says it didn't take long for people to realize the victims of these accidents were connected in more ways than one.

"This person knew this person or that parent knew this parents, their kids hung together," she said. "It's just too small of a world."

"Whoever put this together is amazing for doing this for all the different families, not just for our families but for every single one of the families," Tiffany Miller said

Miller lost her cousin Daniel Cobos.

"I hope that everyone can take away that life is too short, think about the things you do," Miller said. "One little mistake can change your entire life."

These young men aren't just leaving behind mothers, cousins and siblings but children who are now without a father.

"It's been hard especially right now because of the holidays, but my son left behind a one-year-old," John Teague, father of Dustin Teague, said. "He lives with us so that's helped us get through it."

Kymberlea Gary says she never expected the vigil to get this big when she planned it on Facebook, and John Teague says social networking really pays off.