Family and Friends Angry Over Death of Family Member

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - There a lingering questions in the deadly stabbing death of a Midland man.

It happened early Thanksgiving morning.

Police tell NewsWest 9, 19-year-old Gabriel Escontrias, Jr., knocked on a door at the Park Glen Apartments, asking for help, saying his car broke down.

When a woman answered, police say Escontrias grabbed her and tried to pull her from the home.

Then they say, he went inside and starting attacking the 29-year-old woman. That's when a friend came to her defense, stabbing Escontrias multiple times in the upper torso.

Both the woman and Escontrias were transported to Midland Memorial Hospital. The woman was treated and released, but Escontrias died from his injuries.

The man who stabbed him was questioned and released by police.

So far, no charges have been filed.

Meanwhile, Gabriel Escontrias' family and friends are outraged. On Friday night, they gathered at the apartment complex where he was killed, and they say there's more to the story and that Gabriel deserves justice.

"I lost my brother. Now who the hell am I going to have? Who's going to be here with me, who's going to visit me everyday after work to come play with my son? I just want justice, justice needs to be served," Gabriel's sister, Daisy Escontrias, said.

"We love him and we just want justice. Justice. That's it," his cousin, Vanessa Sanchez said.

Friends and family of Gabriel Escontrias are upset and angry and they're speaking up for a voice that can no longer be heard.

"We want to be heard. We want his side of the story to be heard and he's not here to tell it, so all of us, we're out here to make sure it is heard," another cousin, AnnaRita Sanchez, said.

On Thursday, instead of spending Thanksgiving with loved ones, they were out trying to find answers, answers they say they aren't getting from the Midland Police Department.

According to Gabriel's family, he had numerous friends and relatives who lived at the Park Glen Apartment Complex and it leaves many of them questioning the details about the story given to Police.

"Why was he going to go to someone's door that he didn't know when there is all these people here that lived here?" Vanessa Sanchez asked.

The family also tell NewsWest 9, they believe the lack of answers from the police sends a hurtful message.

"If he was white, he would've been heard," AnnaRita Sanchez said. "Or if he would've killed a white guy, he would still be in jail."

"What? Just because you're Mexican and tattooed, they can do whatever they want with you?" Gabriel's cousin, Joel Sanchez, said.

And those who gathered in Gabriel's memory say he was a great person.

"You can ask anybody that knew Gabriel. He was loving and he would never do that to anybody at all," one family member, said.

"He was a wonderful person and he did not deserve to die the way he died," AnnaRita Sanchez said. "He was 19, he didn't even get to live life yet."

And his sister, Daisy, in tears vowed to bring him justice.

"I miss him and I'm going to be here and I'm going to find out who did this to you and I'm going to find out what happened to you," Daisy said.