Big Spring Restaurant Blesses Their Customers

by Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

Well not everyone felt like slaving over a hot stove this Thanksgiving, some decided to headed out to the few restaurants that were actually open and one Big Spring restaurant decided to surprise some of their customers.

The holidays are usually a time where businesses make their biggest profits but for one local restaurant in Big Spring, they felt compelled to give something back.

"My family and the family that owns this business, we love God and we felt that God wanted us to give back," Derek Hobbs, Co-Owner of the Cowboy Steak House, said.

So Hobbs and the rest of the Cowboy Steak House workers decide to volunteer their time and make this Thanksgiving a special day for their customers.

"Big Spring supported us for 16 years already and we just wanted to give back to the community and say thanks. We wanted to bless those that have blessed us," Hobbs said.

To customers surprise, when they went to pay their meal they were greeted with a thank you and told their bill had been paid. And to many customers this was a nice surprise.

"I think it's wonderful, we were really surprised," Leslie Huddleston, a customer at the steakhouse, said.

"People are so nice, they hug us, they thank us, they are really happy," Hostess, Meagan Parrish, said.

And for those who were going through some difficult times, this free meal meant that much more.

"Our father passed away last Monday and we just all wanted to get together but we didn't want to cook. So this is an extra blessing for our family," David Doll, a customer at the steakhouse, said.

The Cowboy Steakhouse workers enjoyed donating their time to make someone else's day special and they say they hope to do something like this again in the future.

"Hope we can do this every year. God will instruct us," Hobbs said.