Project to Connect Greenwood and Midland Ahead of Schedule

By: Cierra Putman
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND COUNTY - It's about a $27 million project to bring Midland and Greenwood closer together.

"It's going to help the people in Greenwood get out to the Midland area quicker than right now. It's sort of a direct connect," Dan Dalager with Texas Department of Transportation, said.

He says the goal is to build an I-20 overpass so County Road 1130 can connect directly with Loop 250 in Midland.

"It's probably going to cutoff two or three minutes," he said.

As a Greenwood resident, Dalager says he's excited about the project.

"Me personally it's going to help getting into Midland," he said. "There are a few other residents that once I explain to them what we're doing, they think it's going to be good for them too."

Construction projects like this are always at the mercy of West Texas winds and Mother Nature, but Dalager says so far so good.

"We were supposed to finish this October or November of next year, but it looks like we'll be finished by June or July of next year. It's really coming along," Dalager said.

He hopes Mother Nature will keep cooperating. So, it'll be drivers instead of construction workers bridging the gap between communities.