Midland County Families Trying to Take Schlumberger to Court

By: Cierra Putman
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - The Midland County residents living off of Cotton Flat Road first learned their water was contaminated with chromium in 2009.

For months Erin Brockovich has said she thinks Schlumberger is responsible, now the families' lawyers are asking a judge to let them formally question the company in court.

"We're very excited very excited," Midland County Resident, Janet Null said.

"We're all excited if we happen get any compensation it would be wonderful," Midland County Resident, Kay Sathre, said. "But like I said earlier, water is our main concern."

Both Sathre and Null say their families were seriously impacted by the chromium contamination of their water.

"It affected my grandchildren a lot," Sathre said. "They had nose bleeds, rashes, stomach aches, diarrhea, hair loss; just lots of problems. Once they got the filters on there it all went away, so we know it was from the chromium."

That's why they're glad Erin Brockovich is here to help them find justice. She's known for helping a California community in a similar predicament.

Multiple families have filed a deposition lawsuit so they can question Schlumberger and the other companies about the contamination. A judge will decide whether it goes anywhere.

"I mean it didn't just pop up," Brockovich said. "It didn't just come out of nowhere and things are clearly indicating that it could have come from Schlumberger. If you look at what they do, they use that chemical in fraking and all of the business that they do."

After learning more than 75 families in Midland County were affected, she said she had to help.

"My philosophy is we're all going down the river of life and when somebody reaches up and needs a hand, you help," Brockovich said. "And this community needs some help."

Midland County families say whether it's Schlumberger or another company, it's time to hold someone accountable.

"There are a lot of folks out there that have suffered a lot because of it," Null said. "When you've destroyed something that is someone else's they need to make it right."