Andrews Group Handing Out Petitions in an Effort to Make Andrews County Wet

By: Cierra Putman
NewsWest 9

ANDREWS - On Wednesday, Promote Andrews finally received a petition to revive the wet versus dry debate.

Now they're hitting the streets and the web to get enough signatures to bring the issue back to the polls this May.

Just this week, Promote Andrews took steps to kick off the 'Wet is Best' campaign. It comes just two weeks after two propositions to allow alcohol sales in restaurants and convenience stores were defeated.

This time around, the group wants voters to approve all types of alcohol sales, but only in the southern half of Andrews County.

Which means only Precincts 1 and 4 will be able to vote on a new proposition.

The group wanting to Keep Andrews Dry says they're already preparing to do battle.

"The biggest thing for us right now is to let them know what they're asking for by being honest and being truthful. Putting the word out and saying here's what this is about. It isn't what we did before, this is for everything. When you open the door, you're opening Pandora's box and anything can come in. It allows for it all."

Promote Andrews says based on past election results they believe precincts one and four will support a new proposition if it makes it to the polls.

The Andrews County News says they'll print the full petition and anyone's name who signs it.