Petitions Circulating Around Big Spring To Amend City Charter

by Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - Elections are over but a group of citizens in Big Spring are thinking ahead. They're trying to put term limits on the ballot in next year's May election.

The Concerned Citizens of Big Spring started circulating petitions last week. The group wants to amend the city charter and put term limits on elected city officials and they also want to add something called initiative and referendum, meaning if citizens don't agree with an ordinance or resolution passed by the city council, there will be a process in place for them to repeal it.

They believe this will encourage more people to participate in local government and will also give them a voice. The City Council did appoint a committee to review these issues but the Concerned Citizens Group is doing this to play it safe to make sure the citizens have the final say.

If they get enough petition signatures, term limits and the initiative and referendum will be placed on the May ballot.

In the meantime, the Concerned Citizens of Big Spring plan to start knocking on doors.

The Concerned Citizens Council has only a few months to collect the signatures so that they can meet the deadline to put it on the May ballot.