Lone Voter Contests Midland County Freshwater District Results

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND COUNTY - An update on the controversial fresh water supply vote in Midland County.

After botched election results the lone voter on the issue, has officially contested the results.

Ryan Latham is the man behind the ballot.

He was the only eligible voter who could cast a decision in the proposed Midland County Freshwater District.

Latham was the only voter because he was the only resident who lived in that district.

But during the election, a voting worker accidentally allowed four extra people to vote on the issue, which left the results bogus.

Latham was supposed to be the only person who could decide whether to create the water district, who the supervisors were going to be, and whether $375 million worth of revenue bonds could be used to fund it.

Latham reportedly voted in favor of the issues.

According to the State Secretary's Office, Latham could contest the results and he has.

Next up, this issue will go before a district judge, who will decide what can be done, whether there will be another election or if Latham's vote can be counted and the others destroyed.

NewsWest 9 has tried multiple times to contact Latham.

We'll continue to stay on top of this developing story.