City of Big Spring Seeing an Increase in Women Getting Arrested

by Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - More women are getting arrested for crime in Big Spring and with that increase, there's a concern on where to lock them up. Authorities are taking several factors in to consideration and with the holidays just around the corner they think these numbers might just go up.

"We are at female arrest at capacity now. We get one, we lose one and we just get another one," Municipal Court Judge Timothy Green, said.

Big Spring Municipal Court Judge Timothy Green has been studying this increase and has seen the numbers rise with each passing month. Now with a new jail and a place to house the women locally, they had no idea what the numbers would look like before they went in.

"This has almost doubled what we thought when we went into the new jail. Now that we have the ability to house, we had no idea what the numbers would look like," Green said.

They believe several factors have played a role. Like the new jail, more women are becoming more independent to commit some of their own crimes. Another factor could be that more female officers are on the streets.

"We have more female officers on the street. They may not have the same inhabitation then males. Not saying that males may treat people different but they do have a different mindset," Green said.

But for now, there is not much that officials can do but wait and see how the following months play out.

"Well just have to make adjustments now to anticipate for something. We hope it's not going where we feel it's going to a bigger problem. We also will try to figure out what other organizations we can work with to solve the potential problem," Green said.

NewsWest 9 did talk to the Howard County Sheriff's Department and they say they've not seen a dramatic increase in their female inmate population. Currently, Howard County can house 96 inmates, of those 6 beds are for women and if needed they can house up to 24.