Two Killed in Andrews House Fire, Two Others Seriously Injured

by Nick Lawton
NewsWest 9

ANDREWS - Two people are dead and two others seriously injured after a fire blazed through a home in Andrews. The fire happened on N.E. 3rd Street, just after 9a.m. Saturday morning.

"I heard a big boom," Patricia Thompson, a neighbor next to the burning house, said. "And next thing I knew this house is on fire."

A fire that erupted inside one house in an Andrews County neighborhood sent waves of shock to all the others.

Minutes after the fire erupted, neighbors say their street was covered in billowing smoke from the flames.

"It was like Armageddon or something," Thompson said/ "It was that dark. And you couldn't hardly breathe either."

"When I looked out the window, I thought it was just someone maybe got in a fight or something. Then I looked and I saw part of the garage was black," Tajh Barber, another neighbor who lived near the house, said.

Andrews County firefighters and police quickly doused the flames before they could spread.

Afterwards they investigated the cause and made sure there was no way the fire could re-ignite again.

Investigators say there was no evidence of foul play in the fire, but the cost was still dire.

They confirmed two people perished in the flames and two more were flown to a Lubbock hospital.

For those neighbors who knew them, it's an idea that shakes them to the core.

"I'd go by and talk to her all the time," Thompson said. "Walking my little dogs and talking to her all the time. She was so sweet. She was real sweet."

"It was unreal because you never think that this stuff would happen just like that. You see it on the TV but when you finally see it it's, like, oh my gosh," Neighbor, Alia Hunter, said.

Authorities have not released the names of the victims or the cause of the fire.

And with no answers, the neighbors said these are moments when thoughts and prayers are close to home.