Mexican Revolution Centennial Held at UTPB

by Nick Lawton
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - The Spanish Literacy Club of UTPB held the first centennial celebration of The Mexican Revolution on Friday.

Around this time in 1910, the Mexican people fought a dictator over their country.

But nowadays, it's celebrated here in the Basin with performances and presentations commemorating the Revolution that forever changed the fate of Mexico and had a cultural impact across North America.

Friday's event was free and open to the public, with refreshments, decorations and performances from the UTPB Ballet Folklorico and Mariachi Band.

Both faculty and students expressed how it was important to host events like these in order to celebrate their history and heritage.

"Even to be dressed like this reminds me when I was little in Mexico City, and now looking at all these decorations makes me feel like I am a Mexican in the United States," Veronica Baker, a masters student at UTPB and the President of the Spanish Literacy Club, said.

It was that spirit of immersion that drew the crowds in.

The honored guest was Hector Raul Acosta from the Mexican Consulate in Presidio.

Faculty that NewsWest 9 spoke with said they hope that events like these can help bridge the gap between Latin American students and the history they share.