Officials Trying to Stop Rumors of Violence at Big Spring High School

by Mike Henry
KBYG - Special to NewsWest9

BIG SPRING - Big Spring school officials have been dealing with unsubstantiated rumors floating around the high school since Thursday about the possible threat of guns or use of guns at the school.

Big Spring Assistant Superintendent Danny Ferrell says that school officials and Big Spring police have been looking into the rumors since Thursday afternoon and as recently as Friday morning, but the rumors are definitely unsubstantiated.

Extra security was put into place to ensure the safety of students while investigators looked into the rumors. Big Spring Police Chief Lonnie Smith says he had additional officers on campus Thursday and again Friday and interviews were conducted, but no substantial evidence to back up the gun rumors could be found.

School officials say there was no lock down and that students were safe and secure, despite the fact some parents came to the high school to remove their children, which is their option.

Police say to ensure a safe environment they are maintaining additional security in place during the lunch hour Friday.