Politician Touting Anti-Property Tax Proposal

By Abby Reed
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Imagine never having to pay property taxes again. If one Texas politician has her way, they'd be eliminated entirely. On Thursday evening, she brought her message to the Permian Basin.

Debra Medina ran for Governor on the Republican ticket in the primaries earlier this year. When she wasn't elected, she formed a group called "We Texans." It's a non-profit organization that promotes legislation. On Thursday, Medina was in Midland touting a proposal to completely eliminate property taxes for Texans.

About 30 people from Midland, Big Spring, Odessa, Crane and other local communities gathered at the Green Tree Country Club. That's where Medina gave a presentation about her proposal. Here's what she's suggesting: she wants to find certain ways to increase sales tax in Texas, in an effort to completely eliminate property taxes. She compares property taxes to rent and says property taxes force property owners to pay a fee for the property they have, essentially, already paid for.

"Because we have to pay it over and over again on the same purchase, it becomes truly a rent and destroys ownership, and that's what we're going to do is restore ownership by eliminating the property tax," Medina said.

Some Midland residents say they are excited for the proposal and hope to see it make it to the legislature.

"Property owners are the ones who keep paying the taxes and so, if there was an alternative tax, like a sales tax, an expanded sales tax, then that would tax more people," Midland resident, Joyce Petrich, said.

Medina says she is currently working to draft the official paperwork and bill and is looking for representatives to sponsor it. At which point, she hopes to have it introduced into legislature. Midland is one of several stops Medina is making across the state. She says she's hoping to spread to grassroots campaigns to residents and garner support for her proposed bill.

As for representatives to sponsor the bill, she says she has already found several who are interested.