Veterans Honored in Big Spring

by Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - The red, white and blue flew high on Thursday all across West Texas for Veteran's Day. In Big Spring, several celebrations took place to thank America's fighting men and women.

NewsWest 9 got a chance to go to Howard College and Lamun Lusk to join the Veteran's Day celebrations. They were all different but the one thing they had in common was gratitude for those who served this country.

"It's a special day to recognize all veterans. The nation pauses to thank our veterans for their service," Daniel Marsh, Director of the VA Hospital in Big Spring, said.

It's a day of celebration, honor and even tears for those who were lost in battle and it's still hard for some veterans to understand why their good friends never made it back.

"That's a hard one to understand. Why am I here and my good friends didn't make it back?" Vietnam Vet, Mike Tarpley, said.

That's why residents gave thanks and remember those who died in battle and those who survived, but most of all they are all grateful for the freedom that many paid the ultimate price for.

"What the veterans have fought and died for to bring forward and that's the young people," Big Spring Mayor Tommy Duncan, said.

Even the youngest of West Texans have an understanding of what these local heroes have done.

"We wanna say thank you because there the ones who took their lives and said 'I'm gonna serve and help everybody in America,'" Third Grader, Gracie Wheat, said.

Eight-year-old Gracie Wheat knows the role that these vets have played and is grateful to them. And she showed her respect and with her simple words of kindness showed her appreciation for our local heroes.

"Well if all these veterans out here wouldn't be here right now, America wouldn't be free right now and we really wouldn't be here," Wheat said.