Election Violation in Ector County?

by Nick Lawton
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Exactly one week after the election, the Ector County Republican Party is facing some serious allegations. They're accused of election tampering.

Daniel Ryan, President of the Ector County Democrats, has accused Ector County Republican Chairwoman Tisha Crow of election law violation.

According to Ryan, he received an anonymous call from a clerk saying Crow walked into a polling location and talked to voters and election officials.

That's illegal unless someone has filed a form to be designated a poll-watcher.

The clerk also told Ryan that Crow talked about visiting at least 20 different locations.

Ryan says each one of those is a misdemeanor violation.

NewsWest 9 contacted the Ector County Elections Office and spoke to Elections Administrator Mitzi Scheible.

When Scheible was alerted of the visit on Election Day, she confirmed through the Secretary of State that the visit was illegal.

Upon informing Crow, Scheible was told that the Republican Chairwoman had no knowledge of the law and wouldn't have done it had she known.

"Vote and then once you're through, you have to leave," Scheible said. "Unless you file that form to be a poll-watcher. And she was not aware of the laws. That's what she informed me."

"I would hope anybody in that position whether Democrat, Libertarian, Green Party, would know the election law and not go into the polling places," Ryan said.

NewsWest 9 tried contacting Tisha Crow to get her side of the story, but unfortunately all of our attempts were unsuccessful.

Ryan claims that if there's no way to sit down with Scheible and Crow and smooth things out, his only other recourse will be to pass the information to the Secretary of State.