HEB Cooks Prepare "Feast" for Residents

by Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - With the holidays knocking on our door that means it's time to celebrate HEB's annual Feast of Sharing dinner. This has become a tradition for eight years in West Texas. But who is behind all of this? On Friday, NewsWest 9 got sneak peak at who prepares this great feast.

Mashed potatoes, stuffing and turkey are all the perfect ingredients for a great feast. But who is the master mind behind this meal for thousands?

"Yesterday (Thursday) we started the prep cooking. So it's about 18 -20 hours," HEB Cook, Bill Mosley, said.

Mosley is one of 10 cooks from HEB that is helped prepare the feast for 8,000. Mosley has been doing this for 19 years and enjoys every moment.

"It feels good to feed this many people on one sitting, it's a sense of accomplishment," Mosley said.

But the hard work for this feast began on Thursday in the mobile kitchen. Slicing and prepping 2,000 pounds of turkey breast and loading and unloading all the goods.

On Friday the fun began with the preparation of thousands of pounds of stuffing and gallons and gallons of mashed potatoes and gravy, but in the end all the hard work is worth it

"It's nice to see everyone enjoying a good, healthy, warm meal," Mosley said.

And these cooks do it all.

"From start to finish. We do the unloading of trucks, cooking, washing, everything. We pick up and go to the next city," Mosley said.

But Midland is not the only city that this great team will visit. Throughout the month of November and December, the team will travel to 25 other cities in Texas feeding 250,000 people.

"Community is really important, it's what makes HEB, it's part of our way of giving back," HEB Public Affairs Officer, Dany Flores, said.