Fort Davis Student Arrested for School Vandalism

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

FT. DAVIS - A Fort Davis teen accused of vandalizing his school. We're told the damages were so bad, classes had to be canceled.

18-year-old Richard Aguilar confessed to causing more than $20,000 in damage at Fort Davis High School. He now faces four felonies and also a Class B Misdemeanor for burglary.

Chief Deputy Sheriff Bill Kitts got the call early Wednesday morning. When he entered the school he says windows were shattered, door knobs and handles broken and parts of the school were spray painted.

And that's not it, four laptops, a video projector and a wheeled cart were also missing from the school.

Deputies initially had no idea Aguilar was involved, and it wasn't until further questioning that he confessed.

"I think he felt pretty bad about what had happened and he went ahead and admitted that it he broke into the school," Kitts said. "He had stated that an individual, who we don't believe exists at this point in time, broke into the school. We think he acted alone, that the only place he knew of was the school and that was the motive to go up to the school and break in and burglarize."

Deputies got a search warrant for Aguilar's house and were able to recover all of the stolen items.

Classes resumed on Thursday morning.

Aguilar is behind bars at the Jeff Davis County Jail. His bond is set at more than $42,000.