Big Spring City Charter Review Put on Hold

by Mike Henry
KBYG - Special to NewsWest9

BIG SPRING - A special committee appointed to review the Big Spring city charter had their efforts put on hold unexpectedly during their second meeting.

The Thursday meeting only lasted about five minutes as the city attorney and committee chair informed other members that a review of a couple of lawsuits by LULAC that occurred years ago would make necessary a closer review of two major areas of planned reform to the charter.

Specifically, proposed term limits as well as "initiative and referendum" could be affected. Committee chair and City Secretary Peggy Walker says the LULAC lawsuits, the rulings that stemmed from them and their potential effect on some of the proposed additions to the city charter were just discovered Thursday.

The committee decided to wait until the matters can be more thoroughly researched before making any decision to proceed with recommendations to Big Spring City Council. Peggy Walker says the committee is in no rush since the items the committee recommends won't go before voters until May, 2011.