GOP Captures the House, Posts Strong Gains in Senate

by Steve Handlesman
NBC News

It's a blowout.

Republicans have seized control of the U.S. House of Representatives by a wide margin.

As the fight continues for control of the Senate, the Tea Party is a major factor.
Republican Rand Paul won a Kentucky Senate seat as a no-compromise Tea Partier.

He vowed to go to Washington to battle both party establishments.

"Eleven percent of the people approve of what's going on in Congress, but tonight there's a Tea Party tidal wave and we're sending a message to 'em!" he said after claiming victory.

Tea Partier Marco Rubio took a Florida Senate seat.

Democratic Senate incumbent Blanche Lincoln lost her seat in Arkansas.

Republican Dan Coats won in Indiana, replacing a Democrat.

But Joe Manchin kept a West Virginia Senate seat Democratic, as did Chris Coons in Delaware, beating stumbling Tea Partier Christine O'Donnell.

Still, the House went Republican, big time!

Roughly 60 seats that had been held by Democrats went to Republicans.

John Boehner is now the presumptive Speaker.