Both Sides of the Ticket Campaigning In Final Hours Before Election Day

By Abby Reed
NewsWest 9

ECTOR COUNTY - On Tuesday morning, the polls will open across the Basin. On Monday night, campaign volunteers from both sides of the ticket were making phone calls, posting signs and working to get out the message to vote.

"We are trying to push the people to the polls, we're trying to make 1,000 calls for Bill White and for the other democratic candidates," Daniel Ryan, President of Democrats of Ector County said.

Ryan is devoting much of his time to pushing candidates to a victory and voters to the polls.

"It has been busy, let's just say that for certain," Tisha Crow, Chairman of the Ector County Republicans said.

Crow has been busy posting signs before voters hit the polls on Tuesday morning.

"We have headquarters open, we're trying to take phone calls from anyone who needs aid in getting out to vote, with a ride or anything like that, or just directions," Crow said.

"If people can be in the military and die for rights to vote, then the least I can do is call and walk," Ryan said.

While both Crow and Ryan disagree about who they want to see win on Election Day, they both agree the voting process is an American privilege voters shouldn't overlook or take for granted.

"Many men and women have died to give us the opportunity to get out and exercise the right, the privilege for us to vote," Crow said.

"The most important reason is because if you don't tell people whether you're for this person or this person, then you're voiceless, so why be an American if you have no voice," Ryan said.