Farmer's Market Celebrates Third Anniversary

by Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - It's in the heart of the Tall City, but on the corner of Texas Ave. and Marienfield, there's another bustling community.

At the Midland Downtown Farmer's Market, you'll find everything from produce and meats to arts, crafts and even homemade dog treats.

Three years after planting their seeds in downtown Midland, one of the market's founding vendors never imagined it would grow this big.

"I didn't really have a lot of expectations," Farmers Market vendor, Matt Hanson said. "It's just exceeded those, the little I did have."

The Market first started with just three vendors selling produce, honey and breads.

Vendors say the Market is unique because of what it has to offer.

"It's something different," Farmers Market vendor, Dave Beard said. "You can't go to any of the stores in town and find the products."

Many of the vegetables are grown organically, and items like honey made from bee hives right here in Midland, are even sold for medical reasons.

"We sell a lot of it to help people with their allergies and just for their health benefits," Beard said.

Farmer Hanson says the Market brings people together, something he feels is harder to find in bigger cities.

"It helps to form a sense of community and connection that I don't think we can get anywhere else," Hanson said.

Susie Cearley says that community connection sparked her interest. She started selling homemade dog treats at the Farmer's Market two years ago.

Cearley says what started as a way to earn some extra cash has now turned into a passion.

"It's a great sense of community around here for everybody, so nobody's a stranger," Cearley said. "It's really a great place."