Alpine High School Principal Says Current School is in Disarray, Needs a New One

By: Cierra Putman
NewsWest 9

ALPINE - High school, it's the place for students to get the tools for success, but Alpine High School's Principal Verl O'Bryant says their building is standing in their way.

"What we want to do is get a facility that contains and utilizes the tools that we need to be the high school that we want to be," O'Bryant said. "Something that will match and best utilize our kids talents and potential."

The school was built in the 70's, but now it's heating, cooling and electrical infrastructure are all behind the times and a fire concern.

"We're out of electricity," O'Bryant said. "So anytime you mess with surges and things like that there's a potential for problems we don't want to have to deal with."

"Electrical is the main issue right now," Superintendent Dr. Jose Cervantes said. "In the classroom we have a teacher that may turn on a fan or something (the electricity) will go out in the nurses office so there's an outage there."

Plus, the roof is faulty. It's caved in once and constantly leaks which leads to water damage and mildew.

As for the classrooms, they say they're too small and in some cases just don't meet current safety measures.

O'Bryant says quite a few of the classrooms only have one door and no exits. Which means they don't meet fire code standards since each classroom is supposed to have two points of exit.

For years the district has made quick fixes.

"We spend several thousand annually more or less trying to just do a band-aid job," Cervantes said.

Now, O'Bryant hopes a new exploratory bond committee will say enough with that and call a bond election to build a new school.

"I hope they see the whole picture," he said. "I hope that they see the ways that we're utilizing what we have but on the other side see that we're at some disadvantages."

Even if they don't agree with him, O'Bryant says he'll find way to make do and prepare his kids for the future.