Midland ISD Officers Step Up Patrol for Cross Town Rivalry Game

By: Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - It's a cross-town rivalry drawing in huge crowds to the Tall City. The Midland School District is gearing up for the big game Friday night between the Midland High Bulldogs and the Lee Rebels, but the big concern is safety in the stands.

Midland School District officers are saying Friday night's big game is "all hands on deck." At a typical Friday night match-up, they'll see about 3,000 fans, but on Friday, they're expecting about five times that many. Midland ISD Police are stepping up their patrol adding extra fences to help control the big crowds. Some of the problems they find on Friday nights are minors with alcohol, young children being dropped off and left unattended and fighting.

"There's always the possibility there might be a fight or two and with the increased presence of police and staff we'll try to keep that to a minimum," Chief David Colburn with the Midland ISD Police Department, said.

Midland authorities are also opening up the grassy hill on the side of the stadium hoping to add some extra seating space. Elementary school administrators will also be on hand to help handle the younger crowds. Officers want to remind parents not to drop off children and leave them unattended.