Elderly Woman Fights Off Teens During Burglary

By: Cierra Putman
NewsWest 9

Odessa Police say two young men didn't think anyone was home when they allegedly broke into Norma Bankhead's home on Wednesday morning. So, it was quite a shock for the teens and 96-year-old Bankhead when they came face to face in her home.

"I didn't know what he was going to do," Bankhead said. "I didn't know whether they were going for my neck or what. To choke me or tie my hands or what, but I resisted them pretty good and I don't know they just gave up I guess."

No doubt it was quite a shock for 17-year-old Xavier Diaz and his 16 year old accomplice when they allegedly broke into Bankhead's home Wednesday morning.

Police say the teens knocked on the door and when no one answered they broke in.

"It was about 10:30 and I just stepped out of the bathroom fixing to put on my hearing aid in and these two people were there," Bankhead said. "I could not hear them because without it, I can't hear anything."

She says after a brief scuffle, they took off with two of her purses and that's when she called for help.

"I retrieved my medical alarm," Bankhead said. "Pushed it right quickly and got my daughter here."

The burglars broke in through a window and one of them left a footprint on a bookshelf while coming in.

"Good thing she didn't dust that bookshelf," Bankhead's daughter said.

Police later found the teens only a few blocks away and they're now in custody. Bankhead says she's OK for the most part - just a scratch and some bruises.

"Thankfully it turned out OK for me," she said. "I don't know how it's going to be for them. They should be punished some way," she said. "Because this just can't go on and on."

Bankhead says police returned most of the items that were stolen, but are keeping some to look over. Her daughter says when she first found out what happened to her mother she was angry but now she just hopes some good comes to the perpetrators.