Fans Wait for Hours to Buy OHS vs. Permian Tickets

by Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

ODESSA--They say, to the victor goes the spoils, even if it means waiting in line for hours at a time.

That's what hundreds of OHS and Permian fans did Tuesday night and Wednesday, all to get tickets to Friday's big game.

"I've been out here since 12:30 (Tuesday) afternoon," Permian fan, Frank Wall, said.

Mojo and Broncho fans of all ages came out in large numbers for those anxiously awaited tickets.

Wall said he wasn't going to make the same mistake he did last year.  Last year, he was number 102.  This year, he was number 4. And it paid off. He'd been waiting for quite a while.

Chris Patton's wait wasn't quite as long, but he managed to get a good number, eleven spots behind Wall.

"Number 15. I've been waiting since about 5:30 (Wednesday) morning," Patton explained.

ECISD officials took great pains to make sure everyone that wanted to see the game, got a chance to get a good seat since they had so many to choose from.

According to ECISD Athletic Coordinator, Todd Vesely, "We have just under 3,000 tickets and about 1,500 end zone tickets. So, lot's of folks will be able to get into the game on Friday night."

It's one thing to stand in line for tickets for an hour or so, but is camping out all night worth it for just 10 tickets to a high school football game?

"Yeah, it's worth it, every bit of it," Wall said.

Patton added, "It's West Texas. It's worth the wait. It's all what football's about. It's West Texas football."

Just a little after 12:00p.m., lucky number 40 was at the box office window. It wasn't a comforting sight for people holding tickets numbered in the hundreds.  But it just goes to show you, a true fan will do what ever it takes to support their team.

"We really appreciate the fans that come out to the games. That's what makes high school football such a great community event," Vesely said.