Proposed Water District Looking to Buy from Clayton Williams

By: Cierra Putman
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND COUNTY - The Midland County group that wants to buy water instead of using ground wells says they're willing to buy water from oilman Clayton Williams.

Williams is working on a project to pump water from Fort Stockton to Midland.

To make that happen, he needs a fresh water district to be created in Midland County.

The issue is on the Midland ballot and only one voter can vote on the propositions.

Members of the Midland County Utility District Committee told NewsWest 9, they would consider buying water from Clayton William's freshwater district becomes a reality, but the group says he's not the only whole seller they would consider.

Right now, the Midland County Utility District is still in the beginning stages and must get enough signatures before it can get on the May ballot.

Members are already looking at where the district could get water for the more than 4,000 households it could serve.

Committee chairman Dr. Shelton Viney says one of their options would be Clayton Williams if his plan to ship water from Fort Stockton to the Basin succeeds.

A representative for Williams' company says it had an informal discussion with the group and is considering all possible buyers.

Viney says the group is also considering a number of other water whole sellers.

While Viney told me during an interview he is friends with Williams, he says he's not working on this district to help his friend.

"It needs to be done," Viney said. "Simply put it needs to be done. We have a lot of county residents who don't have access to water a lot of county residents. I'm a physician, I take care of people. I've always done that in many things outside of medicine and this is one area that I see that the county residents can do for themselves."

The Midland County Utility District would cover a large portion of southwest Midland County including Greenwood, the Windowpane area and the community off West County Road 112.

This Thursday, the Midland County Utility District Committee will hold a town hall meeting to better explain the plan to the public.