Reeves County Voters to Decide on Possible Renovations for Two County Buildings

by Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

REEVES COUNTY--Reeves County voters have two big decisions to make at the polls, whether to renovate the civic center or the rodeo area or both.  But it won't cost them a dime.

County officials say the propositions will not only save taxpayers money, it will bring in more dollars to the economy.

By now, it could be safe to say that Reeves County residents might be a little leery when it comes to voting on anything dealing with construction. But considering the propositions they'll have to choose from, county officials hope they won't have to think twice.

"It will be great for our community, that we can upgrade those two facilities," County Judge Sam Contreras, said.

It may be coincidence or luck that the two facilities that need a facelift are side by side, the Reeves County Civic Center and the Buck Jackson Rodeo Arena.

According to the Judge, "The civic center was built, I think, in the 1970's. The rodeo arena, I can't tell you exactly when that was originally built.  It needs some renovations, I think part of the stands, mostly. Inside the civic center, probably the roof, but that's going to be up to the Commissioners Court, if it passes, to what extent they want to spend funds."

But voters won't be deciding simply on renovations.  There's a little extra tacked on to each proposition, an increase in the hotel-motel tax.

"If you rent a room in one of our local hotels, you'll pay an additional, up to 2%," Contreras explained.

Judge Contreras says, the best part is, the tax burden isn't on Reeves County residents, "It's going to go to the travelers that stay in our hotels locally."

The renovations at the civic center and the rodeo arena are much needed. It was about 5 years ago that touch up's were done to the rodeo arena, to the tune of about $15,000.

"It's all made out of wood. A lot of it, probably, has to be replaced. Just making sure it's safe for the public and making it look in better condition.  At the civic center, it has a newer side. There's an older side. I think, again, it would be up to the Commissioners COurt, what they want to do to renovate and then go forward," Contreras said.

The Judge did want to make sure and emphasize one thing, "Hopefully the voters don't mistake that, it's an additional tax if you stay at the local hotels. Again, that's only if you stay there, which will be mostly travelers and not local citizens."

Reeves County voters can choose one, both or neither of these propositions. NewsWest 9 will let you know how they voted on Election Day.