New Ag Building On the Way for Howard College

by Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

HOWARD COLLEGE - Howard College's agriculture building is getting a facelift and the money for it isn't coming from Howard College city taxpayers.

"We have to currently go off site," Howard College Agriculture Director, Cash Berry, said.

That seemed to be the problem for the Howard County Agriculture program, students having to go off campus to house their animals.

"We don't have these facilities, we have to go to our local producers and use their facilities. It be pretty nice to leave class and step into a lab sitting right here on campus," Berry said.

So thanks to the G.C. Broughton Foundation they have donated $400,000 to help build the pavilion for the students.

"This is a real need in West Texas, it's an appropriate place to put our money," G.C. Broughton's wife, Jean Broughton, said.

With this new facility, they will be able to house their livestock, set up classes and bring lab classes all in the pavilion. But this building will not only help the students at the College but also local FFA and 4-H programs.

"Hopefully it will be a center for folks to meet for all their agriculture needs," Berry said.

And for 20-year-old agriculture major and rodeo champion Jason Schaffer, he hopes this will not only help him but his fellow classmates.

"This means a lot to us. We need to use it when we have bad weather, it will be great," Schaffer said.

The groundbreaking took place on Monday and the construction is estimated to be completed by the Spring 2011.