Cavazos Elementary Shelters in Place

ODESSA - Cavazos Elementary had to shelter-in-place Wednesday morning after one of the school's teachers was threatened by her estranged husband.

ECISD says the school began the shelter-in-place around 11:15 Wednesday morning after the teacher received a call from the man saying he was coming to the campus.

ECISD police officers responded to the campus and stayed there until the man was located in Monahans.

Working with ECISD police, the Ward County Sheriff's Office issued the man a criminal trespass warning for Cavazos Elementary. ECISD police intend to issue the man a second warning for all ECISD campuses.

Shelter-in-place means the school's exterior doors are locked and monitored and no one is allowed in or out of the building. Inside, school goes on as usual.