New Details Released in Connection with School Bus Accident in Reagan County

By Abby Reed
NewsWest 9

BIG LAKE -  It's been a little less than a week since police say a fuel truck slammed into the back of a school bus, carrying students from Reagan ISD. Every student on board that bus was injured including the school bus driver.  However, NewsWest 9 has learned all but two of those students have been released from the hospital.

All total, eight students from the elementary and middle schools there were hurt in the accident. 11-year-old twins Ivan and Yvette Maldonado remain in the hospital.  School officials say they are in stable condition.

The students were hurt in an accident on Highway 137, about 25 miles north of Big Lake. Deputies say 27-year-old Brandon Cain, an employee of Coastal Chemical, rear ended the school bus.  Deputies say Cain's tanker truck hit the Reagan County bus as it was stopped, with red lights flashing, to drop off students.

Cain only had minor injuries in the wreck, but the school bus driver was injured.  Of the eight injured students, two were airlifted to San Angelo, four others went to Midland Memorial, and one was taken to an Odessa hospital.  An eighth student was treated at the scene.    

According to school officials, two students were released on Monday and Sunday, respectively.  Those two students will remain at home, for the next month or so receiving school credit and tutoring from the district. 

Reagan County ISD Superintendent Marshall Harrison says he has been speaking with representatives of Coastal Chemical, and they are working with the school district to make arrangements of some sort to take care of medical bills.