October is Deadliest Month for Midland Roads

By: Cierra Putman
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Just half way into the month of October and already seven people have lost their lives on Midland roads.

Midland Police say both the number of fatalities and crashes in October have doubled compared to last year.

According to police investigations, three of the six wrecks are drug or alcohol related.

Officers fear with these types of numbers, the city may be on it's way to surpassing the number of wrecks and deaths from last year.

So, they're asking Midland drivers to do their part to help curb the problem.

"I just urge people to obey the traffic laws out there," Lt. Ray Leible with the Midland Police Department, said. "They're out there for our safety. Pay attention and stay off your cell phone when you're driving and please, please, have a designated driver. Those are just some basic elements that we can all enlist and hopefully save some lives."

Liebel said the department is not just relying on the public to help with this situation. He tells NewsWest 9, the Midland Police Department's Field Operations Team is meeting on Tuesday to discuss ways they too can discourage drivers from reckless behavior.

The city says it's just two wrecks and three fatalities away from hitting last years mark.