Neighbors Upset Over Construction of New Apartment Complex

By Abby Reed
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - The construction of a brand new apartment complex in North Midland has nearby residents upset. They complain it will not only lower their property value but also invade their privacy.

On Monday afternoon, the city's planning and zoning commission held a public hearing.  It was meant to decide whether the builders of Blueridge Apartments could make some changes to their initial building plans. However, it quickly became a forum for residents there to speak out against the apartment as a whole.

"There was some disagreement on how that property should be developed, and it was a high powered public hearing," City Planning Division Manager, Cameron Walker, said.

Resident Ronnie and Rhonda Trammell have lived in their Whitman Drive home for almost two years.  Their house is adjacent to the apartment complex.  
"We think it will devalue our property, and if we ever decided to move, we won't get what we put into the house," resident Ronnie Trammell, said.

Trammell also takes issue with the height of the three story complex, that overlooks his backyard.
"You know, I do like to be able to sit in my back yard and have some semblance of privacy, and I just believe that's going to be lost," Trammell said.

Monday's hearing addressed changing the property's wooden fence to a wrought iron fence.  It also discussed other zoning issues.  However, all requests on behalf of the apartment developer were denied by the zoning commission, because the plans presented on Monday were not the same plans the commission originally approved back in 2008, during the planning stages of the apartment.
"We assume that the developer will appeal the planning and zoning commission's denial and go straight to the city council for an opinion," Walker said.

The City Council will likely hear that possible appeal in the next regular meeting.  However, until then, Trammell said he will continue to fight the complex.

"I'm not going to roll over, when the city council takes this up again, I will be there.  And, I am at the point, where, if I have to get an attorney, I will," Trammell said.