Local Group Sponsors Fishing Trip for Wounded Soldiers

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - They call themselves Reel Thanx, and the local non-profit group honors our country's heroes by helping them re-connect with nature and it all revolves around a very special fishing trip.

"My generation was kind of treated bad and we decided that the boys and girls that we come in touch with are not going to be treated like that," Mike Mundy, Director of Reel Thanx, said.

It was an idea that stuck in Mike Mundy's mind. A former Marine, Mundy founded the group Reel Thanx three years ago.

Their mission is to honor our wounded soldiers by getting them back in touch with nature.
"There's a lot of healing that goes on down there when they're fishing or on the porch. It's been kind of a ministry, not just fishing but very from the heart type of deal," Mundy said.
Reel Thanx flew four army soldiers into West Texas on Thursday.

"We do what we do because it's what we love to do, so we don't expect a welcome like this but it's really incredible. It kinda makes your heart skip a beat when you see so many people who appreciate what you do," a soldier said.

This weekend they're  going on a fishing trip at Lake Amistad in Del Rio, Texas.   
When Mundy formed Reel Thanx, he never knew it would be this big.  
"It's been a very interesting experience. We didn't know what we were doing but it worked out," Mundy said.

Since 2007, 12 groups and more than 80 soldiers have gone fishing. On Friday, the group's first stop is at Academy to pick up some tackle boxes and other fishing gear that the store sponsored.