Charges Dropped in Connection with Hockey Fight in Colorado

By Trevor Tankersley
NewsWest 9

LOVELAND, COLORADO - Continuing coverage on a story that NewsWest 9 has been following all week. There have been new developments in the case of the Jacks-Eagles brawl from Saturday that sent defenseman Dave Van Drunen to the hospital.

Charges the Jacks had filed a couple of days ago against Brad Macmillian have now been dropped by the club.

Both clubs issued a joint statement on Thursday evening stating that they're sorry for the actions that took place on the ice.

It also mentioned that Jacks Owner Rick Gasser ordered the Jacks to leave the ice, not Head Coach Paul Gillis.

The Central Hockey League also announced their actions on Thursday night, both the Jacks and Eagles have been fined an undisclosed amount of money.

All money collected from the fines will go to support breast cancer.

Head Coach Paul Gillis will still be suspended the first three games of the season.

While the Eagles have many more suspensions, including three players, an assistant coach and the biggest suspension of all, Brad Macmillian, the player who punched Dave Van Drunen, he was suspended for 22 games for his match penalty.

Both teams say they're looking forward to moving on and we'll have more on this story if more information becomes available.