DPS Unveils E-Ticket System

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

If a State Trooper pulls you over and you get a ticket, the court will have it the next day.
The Department of Public Safety has a new system to send those tickets electronically.

Before troopers had to deliver the tickets by hand or mail them to the courts.

Now the courts will have them the day after they're written up.

Because it's more efficient that means troopers will spend less time with paperwork and more time on the roads.

"It helps us in terms of efficiencies. We're able to transfer the data seamlessly. At the end of the day, we're able to put more troopers on the highway because they don't have to go to a justice of the peace, they do it by simply pushing a button," Steven McCraw, Director of the Texas Department of Public Safety, said.

The new system is also saving the courts extra work, about 20 hours of personnel time each week.