Eunice Elementary School to be Rebuilt

By Abby Reed
NewsWest 9

EUNICE, N.M. - Busted pipes, a leaking roof and holes in the walls are problems facing the only elementary school in Eunice.  However, thanks to an education bond the school will soon be breaking ground on a new building.

"The existing elementary was built 1934 through 1936, has done a wonderful job as a facility for our children, but has aged," Superintendent Dwain Haynes said.

Age hasn't been too kind to the existing Mettie Jordan School. For many in Eunice, it has a rich history, having served the community for almost a century.

"They understand too that the upkeep and the repair will far out way what we have to do with the new building," Principal Rick Rendon said. "In this case, it's just an old building that has served it's purpose."

The current school is equipped with a roof prone to leaking and bad plumbing. 

"The piping underneath the building is corroded, it would cost us an immense amount of money to refurbish that building," Haynes said.

Both Haynes and Rendon say they appreciate the importance of this building and it's love from the community.  However, they agree it's time to move on and remember the building for what it was and not what it's become. 

"It's a sad time, but at the same time we look forward to it with much anticipation and we can't wait to get into the new building," Rendon said.