Odessa Jackalopes File Charges Against Colorado Eagles Player

By Trevor Tankersley
NewsWest 9 Sports

Hockey is known as a violent sport but things took a turn for the worse on Saturday night between the Colorado Eagles and Odessa Jackalopes in an exhibition game.

After six fights in the first two minutes of the third period, Colorado player Brad Macmillian sucker-punched unaware Jacks player Dave Van Drunen, who then crumpled to the ice before a melee ensued.

Van Drunen suffered a broken jaw and broken nose and had surgery on Sunday morning to insert five plates and 18 screws.

He is now back in Odessa with the team but will be sidelined at least eight weeks.

The Jacks confirmed that they have pressed charges against Macmillian and that more charges could be filed against others involved in the incident.

Head Coach Paul Gillis pulled his players from the ice after the incident and forfeited the game.