Eunice and Other NM Public Schools Facing Budget Cuts

By Abby Reed
NewsWest 9

EUNICE, N.M. - School administrators are facing budget cuts across the state of New Mexico, making it hard to provide the personnel and resources to educate their quickly overcrowding classrooms.  To adjust to the budget cuts,Eunice Schools have had to cut out several extracurricular programs.
"We don't have a band or a choir anymore, that's been cut out. Technology lab has been cut out, that was a physics and mathematics class and that's been cut out," Superintendent Dwain Haynes said.

Budget cuts are nothing new for Eunice school teachers who said it's been spinning out of control for awhile now.

"I'm having to tap into my own pocket to purchase materials for my classroom," teacher Isaac Rivas said.
Eunice schools have been relying on stimulus monies to make up for their short falls in the budget.  They've also been turning to mill levy's to help pay for utilities, technology and software. 

Now, with the budget cuts the NM Education Secretary is proposing, Superintendent Haynes is looking for other things to slash.

"Everything is in the pot, everything from personnel to programs.  Everything is in there, we just don't know," Haynes said.

"It is disheartening because it doesn't seem like the government is really focused on our future, and we need to invest in our future, and our kids are our future," Rivas said.