Fort Stockton-Pecos County Renewable Energy Park Completed

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

FORT STOCKTON -  The Fort Stockton-Pecos County Renewable Energy Park took months to build, but now it's already up and running. Officials say thanks to the park, they're on the path to become leaders in green energy.

"When developers come into the community, they like to see a community that's committed to their industry. And this shows that Pecos County and Fort Stockton are committed to the renewable energy industry," Doug Mays with Fort Stockton Economic Development, said.

Reduce, recycle, reuse, Doug Mays says that's the idea of the city and county's new energy park.   

The Fort Stockton Economic Development Corporation and Pecos County are joining in an effort to promote the use of renewable energy. 

These solar panels and wind turbines are already powering the visitor's center and other buildings. 

"Earlier we had looked at the meters and we're running electricity back into the grid today because its sunny and the wind is blowing so we're reaping that benefit immediately,"

On top of saving the area money, the $220,000 park is also bringing in new business. 

So far, five solar companies have moved to Pecos County, not to mention, five wind farms are already underway. 

"It's hard for one entity to do it by themselves but it benefits everybody so its a good collaborative effort," Mays said.

One that is even offering a learning opportunity for future energy workers. 

"There's a huge education component for not only the school kids here but the school kids from surrounding communities. They can come over and learn how renewable energy is produced and where it goes," Mays said.

Pecos County officials tell NewsWest 9, their future in renewable energy is looking bright.

Officials say they're in the early stages of solar development but they do expect more wind and solar projects to come in the Spring.