Hobbs Police Department Moving To Bigger Building

By Abby Reed
NewsWest 9

HOBBS, N.M. - The Hobbs Police Department is busting at the seams, but in less than three weeks, they are relocating to a new building.

"We've totally outgrown this building, we've just made due for many years," Officer Mike Stone, with the Hobbs Police Department, said.

The department is moving to a new 20,000 square foot facility.  It's a far cry from the cramped space they use now, where many people have to share small office spaces.
"Patrol sergeants, we have six sergeants in one office. We have 11 detectives in one room and we really need the space," Stone said.

However, with the new space, many administrative officers will have their own offices.  The new facility also comes equipped with a new evidence storage room.

In the future, the department plans to expand their criminal investigation abilities.

"We're getting prepared to move next door into our new renovated building, and we have greatly enhanced our forensics area of our criminal investigative division," Police Chief JD Sanders, said.

According to Sanders, he wants to add a dedicated forensics department to his team.

"Our goal is, in the next two to five years, to have a real, true life, certified scientist, much like they have in Albuquerque and big major crime labs," Sanders said.

Officers say the extra room, brings the opportunity to hire additional personnel and expand their services over the coming years. 

"There's actually, some extra space in there, to be able to expand through the years as we expand our police department and our personnel," Stone said.