Winkler Co. Memorial Hospital Takes First Step to Find New Administrator

by Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

WINKLER COUNTY--The search comes after the old administrator resigned, without notice, earlier this week.

NewsWest 9, the only cameras rolling as board members took up the issue in a special meeting on Thursday night.

The meeting was short, sweet and to the point as board members met to discuss the three or four agenda items, brought about by Stan Wiley's impromptu resignation.

The first item on that agenda was to accept Wiley's resignation, which they did, unanimously.  Then, on to appoint a temporary, interim administrator.  That job fell in the lap of current Assistant Administrator, Keith Palmer.

Palmer will take the reins while hospital officials consult with Covenant Hospital in Lubbock and Preferred Management Corporation in Shawnee, Oklahoma.  Both agencies have offered help with finding candidates for an interim and a permanent administrator.

According to board member Stefanie Haley, they need to hire someone not associated with Winkler County Memorial and they need to do it fast.

"We've just had so much going on with the prior administrator.  We just need to leave the hospital and find one that can come in with fresh eyes, fresh ideas and help us get through these tough times.  You can't leave this hospital, just kind of hanging. Right now, that's what it is," Haley commented.

While Palmer serves as interim administrator, he will receive monetary compensation equal to the salary Wiley was receiving.  Once an interim is picked and hired, Palmer will resume his duties as assistant.

Stefanie Haley says, as far as she knows, neither she nor the other board members have heard from Stan Wiley since last week.

When asked if she thought they deserved an explanation, she said, "It would be nice, but I don't think we're going to get one."