Farmers in Howard County Honored for Hard Work

by Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

HOWARD COUNTY - Farmers in West Texas play an important role in the economy and on Thursday in Howard County, they were honored for their hard work.

It's been a Howard County tradition for years. Honoring farmers and ranchers to show how much they appreciate everything they do and what they offer to the community. It was a full house at the Dora Roberts Community Center where more than 250 people packed the place to show their appreciation for local agriculture entrepreneurs.

The ceremony also featured an economist who talked to the group about the economic picture, their potential impact on it and how important a strong agriculture industry is to the economy. They also awarded the Ag Producer of the Year and the Ag Business of the Year award to two recipients of Howard County.

Experts believe that this year, they should have a good crop season and they hope to produce around 125,000 - 140,000 bails of cotton.